Men's Specialties
Brows & Eyes
Skin Care
$20.00 Brow Design
$10.00 Nose
$25.00 Lip/Brow
$20.00 Lip/Chin
$30.00 Brow/Lip/Nose
$35.00 Brow/Lip/Chin
$45.00 Full Face
$13.00 Small Areas

Single item: chin, lip, cheek, hand, abs, or feet.

$40.00 Bikini

Custom shape integrated into your bikini wax! Ask for possible shapes or help design your own!

$45.00 Bikini/Belly

Removes the sides and any leg areas.

$80.00 Bikini/Half Legs
$100.00 Bikini/Full Legs
$50.00 French Bikini

Sides of front and full rear, such as for wearing a thong.

$85.00 French Bikini/Half Legs
$105.00 French Bikini/Full Legs
$60.00 Brazilian

All hair removed, front to back.

$90.00 Brazilian/Half Legs
$115.00 Brazilian/Full Legs
$45.00 Half Leg
$65.00 Full Leg
$30.00 Half Arm
$40.00 Full Arm
$20.00 Underarms